Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze
Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze


Mazovian Regional Tourist Organization

ul. Nowy Świat 27/2

00-029 Warszawa, Poland

Tel.: (+48) 22 877 20 10

Mazovian Regional Tourism Organization was founded as a non-governmental organization bringing together institutions, NGOs, the tourism industry and individuals interested in the development of tourism in the Mazovia. MROT currently has more than 80 entities.

Since 2006. MROT is an organization actively and dynamically promoting the development of tourism in the region. MROT is an integrator of tourist initiatives, the most important and essential partner in support for local governments, industry and non-governmental organizations primarily LOT-s, and the primary source of information about the development of tourism and its funding sources.

MROT focuses on implementing system solutions in the following areas: tourism product, human resources, marketing, regional tourist space and supporting institutional cooperation. An important area of the operation is to promote the beauty of Mazovia region, in particular, attractions and tourism products, which contributes to an increase in the number of tourists, allowing the achievement of economic and social benefits.

According to the Tourism Development Strategy of Mazovia for 2007-2013, MROT works for the creation of the European Mazovia Meeting Centre, offering a comprehensive infrastructure, high-quality products and services, unique atmosphere of friendliness and hospitality.


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