Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze
Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze

10. Minter House


At the corner of Sierakowski and Okrzei street Minter House is located. In the years 1885-1905 in the building Prague Middle School was placed, its tradition continues today in high school of Wladyslaw IV located at the Jagiellonska and Solidarnosci Avenue corner. Before 1897 Minter house was expanded with a new wing toward the Brukowa Street (now Okrzei).
In the years 1891-1898 here was studding and graduated Janusz Korczak – Polish-Jewish doctor, teacher, writer, journalist, social activist, a precursor of the struggle for the rights of the children. Korczak was deported to the Treblinka death camp – and there executed – the so-called great liquidation in the Warsaw ghetto. Today, this great and heroic figure commemorates the stone with the inscription, at Jagiellonska 38 Street.

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