Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze
Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze

22. Rozycki Bazaar


The property at Targowa street No. 50/52 is neighboring to the Rozycki Bazaar – the last active and maintaining continuity of business activities, historical bazaar of Warsaw. Bazaar was founded in the late nineteenth century by Julian Joseph Rozycki in the place previously occupied by a marketplace. Despite its status as a monument, as well as a rich and colorful history, this place undergoes progressive degradation. During its prime, in addition to commercial activities, Rozycki Bazaar played an important cultural role, becoming the mainstay of the Warsaw folklore and humor, full of unique color. Advertising and sellers cries became common sayings and found their way to the cabaret scene of Warsaw. Songs from Bazaar found the way to Warsaw yards. Tripe and dumplings have become not only a culinary specialty of Bazaar, but also part of the cuisine and trademark of Warsaw’s marketplaces. Bazaar was also a place in literature, painting and caricature. Trademark of the bazaar was built before 1914 a huge siphon shape stand, which sold soda and candy.
Its best time bazaar lived in the communist period. With the arrival of transformation period its regress begun. Bazaar lost the competition with the nearby market “Europe” at the Stadium of the Decade – at that time the largest marketplace in Central and Eastern Europe. Now Market “Europe” is gone – in its place grew National Stadium. Despite that degradation of the historic Rozycki Bazaar continues.

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