Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze
Scieżka turystyczna po Warszawskiej Pradze

The Pianist Route

Ladies and Gentlemen!

We introduce you an electronic guide of the Prague district. It will guide you to the most interesting places of this unique part of the city. Some of the points of our tour were incorporated into the city tourism route called “The Pianist Route”. Why Pianist? Because of the Warsaw Prague is inseparably linked to the outstanding figure of Polish pianist-composer of Jewish origin Władysław Szpilman, who after the war worked in the Polish Radio at the Targowa Street. His relationship with the district has more dimensions, which has been captured by another outstanding Polish artist of Jewish origin, the director Roman Polanski.
In 2001, Prague became the open air shooting for “The Pianist” movie. Awarded with three Oscars, the Golden Palm at the Cannes Festival, and more. The film was a Polish-British-French-American-German co-production. Shooting for “The Pianist” was carried out in Warsaw, Berlin, Beelitz, Jüterbog and Potsdam. Allan Starski was head stage designer, whose father – Louis, the screenwriter (e.g. “Forbidden Songs”) has worked with Wladyslaw Szpilman the songwriter. The landscape of old Prague presents around 20% of the scenes in the movie.
“The Pianist Route” will lead you through the film shooting sceneries, as well as other places connected with Wladyslaw Szpilman. Because Prague has a lot to offer, we will show you also other interesting places. The culmination of hiking is an object with a unique history, located in the area, which in itself can be the target of a full-day trip, i.e. At the Warsaw Zoo. Let’s go!

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